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MMT Ambulance is the best choice for any health system
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MMT Ambulance is the partner of choice for many health systems, offering dedicated ambulance transportation solutions that enhance hospital throughput, reduce delays and minimize patient boarding. Our unique model addresses transport challenges and creates an environment prioritizing efficiency, reliability, and quality, allowing you to focus on patient care.

MMT Ambulance is the best choice for any health system looking for a transportation solution. By partnering with MMT Ambulance, health systems have access to an integrated transportation ecosystem that prioritizes patient satisfaction, accountability, and safety while improving hospital capacity management and system throughput.

MMT provides our partners with many benefits, including:

Dedicated Transport Capacity

A client’s dedicated program is built with MMT invested capital, leadership and expertise – eliminates sharing of fleet, staff or management with other health systems.

Online Scheduling Portal

Our technology platform seamlessly integrates with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, allowing our partners to easily request or schedule transportation directly from within the patient’s chart. During the online booking process, all necessary billing and transfer documentation is automatically generated, and this entire process takes 60 seconds or less.

Measurable Results

We conduct regular business reviews on our mutual partnership goals and progress to share data-driven insights with system leaders to drive throughput improvements.

Performance Dashboards

KPIs built with each client to measure and track the program goals in real-time.

Real-Time GPS Tracking & Status Updates

Transparent access to track MMT’s performance, including wait times, vehicle locations, on-time deliveries, transport trends, patient movements and projected transport costs.

Find Out How Your Transport Program is Performing.

Transportation services frequently may not align with a health system’s needs, and often, health systems lack the necessary data to assess the effectiveness of their current services.

Regardless of whether your current services are contracted with a third party or if you have a health system-owned service, our extensive experience in ambulance operations and best practices can confidently guide you toward the optimal path forward.

MMT Ambulance is now offering an industry-exclusive current state assessment. Let our team of transportation experts evaluate your existing state to establish a baseline. For more information, Click here

Find Out How Your Transport Program is Performing.

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