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Data-influenced dispatching brings efficiency and safety to your doorstep.

The Future of Medical Transit

MMT began in 1987 in rural Nebraska operating one ambulance and has since become a national industry leader and one of the largest EMS (Emergency Medical Services) companies of its kind. Our growth is fueled by our partnerships across the nation and supported by an AI-powered technology suite. MMT’s state-of-the-art dispatch centers span multiple states, allowing us to leverage real-time data for on-time, efficient, and effective operations.

In 2022, MMT’s fleet traveled more than 9,000,000 miles (that is equivalent to 361 trips around the globe).

About Us
Ambulance and EMT Services
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Our Vision Statement

Creating sustainable access to healthcare for everyone, in every community where it is needed, holding true to our core values.


“ Best sets of medics and EMTs in the Missouri Valley, Iowa station. I’ve been transported a few times and received nothing but respect, kindness, and professionalism. ”

- JL Grimsley

How Have We Helped You?

“ The dedication and talent of EMTs, Paramedics, Drivers, Dispatchers, and everyone in the offices continue to be top notch! I’m proud to be working for Midwest Medical Transport! ”

-Brian Trant Newton

How Have We Helped You?

“ Great place to work, super people, new vans. This is what medical service should be: top of the line. Cream of the crop! ”

-Alan Stewart

How Have We Helped You?

“ Extremely knowledgeable crew. Their passion for care and saving lives is inspiring and no matter who is working, your care will be top notch! ”

-Michelle Lexi Schwartz

How Have We Helped You?

Let’s Create a Healthy World Together

Caring for patients includes qualified medical and dispatch teams delivering timely and data-informed decisions.

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Valuable additions to the MMT family brings patients one step closer to a better, healthier future.

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